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Free the People AK

Free The People AK is an online and print newspaper covering The Fairbanks Alaska community.

When Free the People reached out to me they had but one major need. How do I reach the people I cant get my paper too?

The solution was to create an online News Site that could also Advertise their local business. Walking them through what this means and how to integrate it with their Paper Publication Dates, Getting comfortable, Introducing new content, And Growing the paper along with the Analytics shown on the Website. A Year In and they are going strong!  Here is what they had to say.

In this day and age one cannot think of competing on any business platform without an online presence. As a new small business owner, I knew this component was essential. The problem was I knew nothing of domains or how to even begin setting up a website.

In stepped Robert Moses Consulting. From the very first conversation, to the intermittent check-ins, RMC has been there. RMC is professional, courteous and ensured that my ideas came to life as the website was built to my specifications. RMC took the time to walk me through the process, made sure I understood what was what, let me know the cost of things before I committed and never failed to answer any and all of my questions.

RMC has brought my business to the next level and continues to work with me to ensure my online presence is effective, competitive and up to date.

Heather Penn – Owner of

Avichi Holdings – Real Estate Investment Firm

Avichi Holdings is a real estate investment firm with a focus on investments in multi-family properties. The firm identifies, acquires, and manages multi-family property assets on behalf of investors.

When Selvam reached out to me they needed a Full Blown Company website. Some of the features included were to display each of the investment properties including everything that came along with it.

The solution was to Create a CMS Based Site that allowed for quick access, Customer contact, and A media-rich investment portfolio. One of the main requirements was the design and look of the site. It needed to really reflect the high-end investments Avichi had to offer. After a lot of renditions of the site, we were able to get it perfect to their needs. They have since sold all of their slots in their portfolio and are currently gaining more properties.

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Event Synergy – Voting Application

Event Synergy is a Events Planning Company. They provide Game Shows and Other Services to Corporate and Private Clients.

When Shawn First approached me they had a need for a new game show Idea. They had A Chili Cookoff competition every year and wanted an Easier way for people to vote.

The solution was to Create an Online Application that was mobile friendly. Anyone connected to a wifi connection or Mobile Data would be able to vote but only if they had a Code Generated by the system. As the application and needs grew so did the need for Innovation. So we created a custom Admin panel that was able to manage all of these things in one place. From votes to users to awards everything runs perfectly. The App was a Smash Hit with their clients.

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