The World Wide Web and How it affects us Socially.

It is amazing how far the Internet has come from its humble beginnings. If you think about it and the implications it has had on so many aspects of social behavior, Business interaction, Advertising etc, It is the #1 Human innovation in the world currently.

More than half of the 7,519,028,970 that live on planet earth use it. It is recorded that around 3,885,567,619 use the internet on a regular basis. So this means 51.7 % of our neighbors are active consuming information on the internet highways. This is an astounding number. In 30 Short years since the world wide web was introduced by a gentleman named Tim Berners-Lee, It has consumed humanities interests. It has become the backbone of all things information. Digitally our lives are now forever on a quest to learn and grow as people from information provided by others in real-time. (more…)


Changing Technology in 2018

So I read somewhere that technology will eventually become limited by the physical properties of what elements we have available here on earth. I can’t recall where but it got me thinking about what that meant. See for the last 40 to 50 years we have had an explosion in electronics and a major social shift along with it.  So the question I ask! Will the social aspect of technology meaning, the ease of life it has given, the indeterminate number of connections and lives changed based on this premise as well? (more…)