The World Wide Web and How it affects us Socially.

The World Wide Web and How it affects us Socially.

It is amazing how far the Internet has come from its humble beginnings. If you think about it and the implications it has had on so many aspects of social behavior, Business interaction, Advertising etc, It is the #1 Human innovation in the world currently.

More than half of the 7,519,028,970 that live on planet earth use it. It is recorded that around 3,885,567,619 use the internet on a regular basis. So this means 51.7 % of our neighbors are active consuming information on the internet highways. This is an astounding number. In 30 Short years since the world wide web was introduced by a gentleman named Tim Berners-Lee, It has consumed humanities interests. It has become the backbone of all things information. Digitally our lives are now forever on a quest to learn and grow as people from information provided by others in real-time.

So what’s the problem then you might ask? Well, think about the last time you actually just called someone to talk Or did you text? When was the last time you held an actual book instead of your Kindle? What about a CD or DVD instead of just hopping on Netflix or Spotify? These tactile objects were at one point the principal of social interaction. Making a mix tape for that crush of yours… or taking a record and feeling the groves along the plate.

We are removing more tactile ways of information from ourselves. The ability to have something that is smelt, felt, or even gazed upon in the present is fleeting.  We don’t even interact socially like we used to. I myself prefer to have phone conversations instead of texting. Yes, texting is easy.. So whats wrong with me? Well, I find that personal interaction is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Email me this, Text me that, copy and paste this… It is so anti-personal. You don’t get a sense of the emotion involved in the conversation or the presentation anymore. There is more and more space for excuses and less opportunity to have a life experience.  So I challenge you to Call Somone today, Pick up that old CD and listen to it! Instead of Emailing something go visit that friend and give them a hard copy. You might be amazed at the moment you experience.

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